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Father Christmas' Encrypted Message Competition

Following on from our first encryption competition, we now have our second. It seems that Father Christmas is in constant communication with his better half, but all communications are encrypted to keep his privacy. However, last year, our friends at GCHQ intercepted the following message. They couldn't decrypt it. Can you?

A trio of GCHQ related beers will be awarded to the first correct answer out of the hat on 24th December. Draw to be made at Favourite Beers in Cheltenham.

Clue: When in difficulty, bring on the substitutes.

     XTNN      UBFK      VBTW

     LTRB      VTWD      IBQE

     NBGQ      QBED      IIFB

     ZBII      NBKW

If you think you have cracked it, please send your decrypted text to.. jon@cotswoldlionbrewery.co.uk

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